eye crossword
No. 592 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword
8 Unhappy being on unfamiliar ground, House gets laid off (8)
9 Not out to present unlikely 'noir' setting for party (6)
10 Old-fashioned one swallowed May's main recurrent idea (5)
11 Not elected, Clinton era over – ultimately, grace is not Trump's forte (9)
13/14 Ordering Volvos to be scrapped, by which exiting government members gain immediate employment? (9,5)
16 Plots to construct fort in Conservative South? (6)
18 Cockney excitements – mere affectation (6)
22 Queen's favourite drugs congress (5)
23 A southern state taking on dicey Sugar's plant (9)
25 Scornful Russia's sneaky, non-U act against Clinton's lead (9)
27 Club man, a soak (5)
28 Bloodsucker? The Speaker finally shows heart (6)
29 Deplorable Gove is involved with utterly ruthless leaders (8)

1 Right hand erotic manipulation: it's often long-winded (8)
2 One's deviant with debts untouched (10)
3 Too "America's first" to be expansive? (2,4)
4 Dog Nicola Sturgeon, perhaps, with "fix!" (7)
5 Having gained power, Trump initially even more coarse – interloper! (8)
6/26 Donald Trump was reportedly carried by Fatty (4,4)
7 Some party members are vegetables (6)
12 See 20dn. 15 Big tool in a cast is a liability (10)
17 Many a multinational is reluctantly making X-ray tape (8)
19 Feeling about American power: nervous uncertainty (8)
20/12 Endure members on which collapse is imminent (4,4)
21 Shadow cabinet leader beset by Peter's outburst (7)
22 Simulated raised pimple one leaves on one side of grotty arse (6)
24 'Backing Boris' is going live – right fraud (6)
26 See 6dn.

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