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No. 528 by Cyclops
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7 Forces Archer to protect one drunk? (8)
9 Endlessly market the unfinished Millennium flop? Not that often, actually (6)
10 Savour cupping woman's top then tweak suspender elastic? (5)
11 Country person underneath Clinton in a state (9)
13 Shifting Carter involved taking one (7)
16 An absorbing process as perverse Kate secures independence (7)
18 John Major's right wing sore at devious means of "Islamification"? (6,5)
21 Perfect? Not Rolf ultimately – criminal, actually (7)
22 Unreliable counsel from Chuck: rest uneasily (7)
23 Film producer luvvies ran amok (very lacking)
26 The ambushed politician's face might have ... to be far from deterring (3,2)
28 The very best you can hope for ladies is being messed about (6)
29 Rejected sports body: glib, awash with money (8)

1 Bob, once getting manual protection, is infatuated (7)
2 Name of Russian organisation: Let's Goad American Leaders? (4)
3 See 27dn. 4/25 Put up with old-style Labour faction and start a U-turn? (4,4)
5 Yoof-like escalation – grabbing benefit (10)
6 Mission statement opening spikes M&S and ebay's wrangling (7)
8 Get pissed, all round right pissed: it'll make you tread warily (9)
12 As love article (sexy top)
gives relief (7)
14 A ruthless Thatcher associate's balls were lit outrageously? (10)
15 Un-PC woman's body mangles his sac balls finally (7)
17 Pissed with Nick's place (created to cause maximum disturbance)
19 Clap: the result of getting laid – put out (7)
20 Oldie Stone at last comprehending internet etc. rock (7)
24 Evasive characters, arses: hard to be got rid of (4)
25 See 4dn. 27/3 Rather doubtful thing, head, in the case of oldies? (4,4)
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