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Issue 1447
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scene and heard
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Private Eye Issue 1447

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25th July 2017
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Great Fire of London: ‘Lessons Will Be Learned,’ Says Cavalier Government… Lily Allen To Decide All Future Death Tolls on C4 News, Says Home Office… Dave Spart Defends Day of Total Rage Against Mrs Murderer May… Biased Tory BBC Let Musicians Hijack Corbyn Rally… McDonnell Fails ‘Inflammatory’ Speech Safety Test… ‘No One Wants Throne,’ Says Frog – Nursery Times Exclusive… Sgt Pepper: My All-Time Favourite Track, as told to Craig Brown

And also...

- Scene & Heard: The Eye goes to the fire prevention convention, FIREX
- Street of Shame: Spotlight on Dacre, Osbo and the Telegraph’s Lavish McTavish.

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