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School Discipline
Issue 1437
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Many people expressed concern that I didn’t take issue with Mr Trump’s rather unorthodox view that pupils undergoing oral examinations should be waterboarded in order to elicit the correct answers.

Although I said nothing to Mr Trump about this, I can reassure parents that I gave him the answers he wanted before he subjected me to any torture at all.

At St Theresa’s we obviously do not condone flushing people’s heads down the toilet as a method of getting people to say what we want, but who are we to criticise other schools?

As I was saying to my good friend Mr Erdogan, Head of the Turkish School of Extremely Hard Knocks, it’s up to him if he feels that capital punishment is appropriate for crimes such as running a school magazine, writing graffiti, talking after curfew, or girls failing to wear full school uniform in the swimming pool.

Live and let live, as I say. Though Mr Erdogan doesn’t agree. Which is fine, because it’s a free country. Except when it isn’t.

Mrs T May (Headmistress)

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