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No. 532 by Cyclops
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8 Love to pursue heavy breathing sort of entertainment! (5)
9 Account of events – managed to spin a fair share? (9)
10 "Bust top class!" – member's attempt at verbal encouragement (5,1,3)
11/2 Unpleasant duty of sullied Labour (5,4)
12 Put a tick against broadcast moody writer (7)
14 Covert affair in Australia is one-sided (7)
15 See 26dn. 16 His employer's taken in by the hard going Blunt (5)
20 Unsavoury sort of topless scene often taken by PC types (7)
22 Broadcast on Boris's centre support: it's a bomb-dropping event (3-4)
24 See 8dn. 25 Hot dish from Murdoch and Sun, beset by the awful wife? (5,4)
27 Independent infiltrating party, one pissed with 'the ultimate in Tory burden' (9)
28 What LibDem candidates often do: accepting nothing is immoral (5)

1/17 Balls harmed by this typical tabloid-like response to events? (8,8)
2 See 11ac. 3 Hitler lover and Nigel Farage's extreme elements rise, taking Conservative line: "Country besieged by foreigners!" (7)
4 Slight perpetrated by tabloid in column (7)
5 One with brass (and more)
gets daughter and mothers framed in jest (10)
6 Rustic dancing, it might well bring tears to your eyes (6)
7 'Unique' alternative Con. candidate's termination – never again! (4,4)
8/24 CIA/Bush rip-off, the making of Bush (5,5)
13 Balls squeezed by tight chinos – it's voluptuous? (10)
15 Resting-place in which Clinton grabs too blasted hard? (4,4)
17 See 1dn. 18 Adroit appropriation of old British company, which falls short of what's required (7)
19 Old movie star, mainly pissed, acquiring Oscar finally (7)
21 Manservant causes row about dead royal 'rising up' (6)
23 Miliband's tip: "Woes out of hand? Make use of a pointer" (5)
26/15ac. Harebrained as Cook's far from 100% effort? (4-5)
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