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No. 545 by Cyclops
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6 Rash and pisspoor collection of MPs' quotes (7)
7 Ass and tum wobbles on a fruity thing (7)
9/19 Title coveted by our Brian, 'Horrible Old Thatcher's Heir', when nothing's left? (7,3,5)
11 Curse of Hello, ultimately (way to get rid of leader)
12 Unlike Victoria's inspiring figure in commercial? (6)
13 Feel humiliated as a sort of 'sole kisser' (4,4)
14 Bill's fate, a ridiculous altercation, with PM crushing Farage's head (3,2,10)
18 Women fancy having limited, reduced intake – catastrophic failure (8)
20 Finish of dodgy Max Clifford (no female to get across)
22 Not for one wanting "arse-over-head" sex (4)
23 Be as a certain despotic Russian leader, say, subject to mass public scrutiny (3,2,5)
24 University hospital covers arse well? (7)
25 Need to restrict Nigel's centre pledge (7)

1 Chaos when Theresa on edge (6)
2 Drink and drugs hacks generally love (8)
3 Mate just before the weekend and climax (6)
4 Washington ordered strike – "sporting thing to do" (5-3)
5 Smiley gets tip from the Conservative immersed in shitty process? (8)
8 Sly Chinese leaders on the turn – gulp! (5)
10 Liberal thing getting pissed on claret with earl (9)
15 Jersey may well have one company with brazen quality (4,4)
16 A supporter of Lib Dems, I'd gone, perversely, for difficult situations (8)
17 Wet Tories ... um ... dithering (8)
19 See 9ac. 20 Electioneer, but without Sun's coarse material (6)
21 Provisional luvviedom? (6)
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