eye crossword
No. 609 by Cyclops
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8 Screw a party, Osborne initially going for a song (6)
9 Tender arse? Cry out: "stuffed by English knight!" (8)
11 Member put in another bed (change of heart?)
12 Magazine's to teach first hint of being an habitual wanker? (9)
13 Sun-originated sex alternative ensnaring city (5)
14 Reckoning bloke's lost head over fox hunting event (6)
16 In tatters, Trident advance (6)
19 "Oui, about to assume power" (May's opener – dope!)
20 Outlaw dead awful peers associated with a party (9)
22 Turn appreciably dodgy – it's keeping Trump in power (10,5)
24 Autocratic president's measure to restrain opposition's chief Latin leftie (8)
25 Group of political decision-makers said "we'd like a bung from you" (6)

1 America's leader needs second-rate party guys from which shit originates (7)
2 Briefly place old Tory leader: "not hot – big nuisance" (6)
3 A minister casually dropping one in the morning: that's not abnormal (10)
4 Spin working, which gets you randy? (4-2)
5/23 Lose ground, lose erection, lose love – end! (4,4)
6 Hauled in, processed, not given the Caesar treatment (8)
7 Well, rest disturbed by the ultimate in Jimmy Riddle (7)
10 A coming of gold fuel on Motorway (6)
13 Potential film protection put on prince before shag (10)
15 Despatching husband into drinking (8)
16 Showy walking band with "PM's lost lead" (6)
17 I say rogue Trump has lost millions – unethical (7)
18 Practised by May & co: "To awful misery, drained of energy" (7)
20 Maybe cabbie changes political allegiance? Bollocks! (6)
21 Corbyn's principal affair (abandoning female)
rattled the continent (6)
23 See 5dn.

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