No. 584 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword
8 Support from Cameron: "without me, awful hot inside" (6)
9 Outbursts from unsmart 'deplorable' following Trump's lead (8)
10 Duty is making a comeback: which Trump needs to be open about (3,7)
11/22 Dial Bill, Hillary's "chief source of energy" and misery guts (4-4)
12 Ambassadorial jerk dropped certificate (7)
13 Bum duke, wanker, gets time off (6)
15 Clinton's blueprint scheme put before Republican? (5,6)
19 May's political persuasion needs injection of flash colour (6)
20/25 Bogus accusation from contender: "Hislop raised fee!" (7-2,6)
22 See 11ac. 24 "Sexual overtures" trial? Not if quashed (10)
25 See 20ac. 26 "To be a better person is about being supportive" – May's opener (6)

1 After having gained seat, electoral divisions moving to centre? (7)
2 LibDems no longer try paid HRT treatment (5,5)
3 Chamber gets dirt on Blair, his right wing having deserted (6)
4 Standard celebs full of 'beach bollocks' (5,3,7)
5 Left only falling apart – indeed so (3-5)
6 Far right of Trump? In favour of uprising? That's academic (4)
7 Inappropriate nursery worker's show of affection (7)
14 Go off sex rotten, as drunks usually do (5,2,3)
16 France used Iran fee to provide sumptuous spread? (4,4)
17 Blunders, accepting extremely Conservative means of relaxing arms (7)
18 Suspend Jordan's bust with uranium implant (7)
21 Recovery of "rehabilitated" Trump accepted by international body? Miles off! (6)
23 Errant Corbynite leaders brought before House are reflective (4)

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