rotten boroughs

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Westminster Tory Robert Davis, a once prodigious trougher at the expense of property developers, seems to be living a (very) quiet life now to judge by his hospitality register.

To redress the gender balance, ‘metro mayor’ Steve Rotheram appoints nine female deputies to his all-male team – but no one gives them an agenda when they attend their first meeting.

Tory councillor Badsha Quadir is under investigation to see if big debts left by failed businesses he ran disqualify him from holding office.

Eyebrows are raised over a couple who enjoy a close business and personal relationship with the council leader and his wife… and won’t take no for an answer in their bid to build holiday lodges on protected land.

The QC who earned more than £30,000 for two days’ work helping ‘guide’ councillors in determining a Tory squire’s plan to build thousands of homes.

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