Below is the list of cartoons used in the latest edition of Private Eye.

Please note: If your submissions reached us on or after Friday 24 June then they may not have been seen by the Editor for this edition.


Banx_billionaire keeping up with inflation
Banx_city banker picket line
Bernie_Nicola sturgeon if at first you dont succeed
Birch_polio seventies
Boyce_Mum at a festival
Boyce_funeral GP Appointment
Bullen_antiquated practices railways parliament
Cluff_barrister picket line scab
Cordell_bank robber printed gun
Cordell_cancelled flights luggage mountain
Drew_covid on holiday last year
GG_balloon safari
Gasto flags
Goddard_Fake Noose Trump
Grizelda_Pay restraint
Grizelda_Railways modernised shut ticket desk
Higgins_types of column
Husband_Elvis film
Husband_remember when you were this high
Jonesy_mans weekend with the kids chores
Key_Priti patel pepsi advert
Key_high wage low pay
Keyes_throwing money at it
Lamb_dont judge me defendant
Len_cats discover fire
McLachlan_monkey pox in other pets
Moose Allain_For oarsmen of the apocalypse
Neil Bennett_bye bye elections
Pilbrow_Jurassic world dominion
Pilbrow_automated picket line
RGJ_lib dem labour pact
Ross_Kate bush running up that bill
Royston_times all the news carrie redaction
Shadbolt_Red carpet tile treatment
Smith_RMT logo
TEA_archers sunglasses
Taylor_abortion your body
Thompson_boris johnson tree house
Thompson_king in his counting house prince charles saudi money
Vilnissimo_fear of not flying
Vilnissimo_stag poobag
Vilnissimo_wrong address cartoon museum
Wilbur_Daily express good balance
Wilbur_gay coming out on gravestone
Wilbur_in outsourced
Zoom Rockman_Mike Lynch videos