Below is the list of cartoons used in the latest edition of Private Eye.

Please note: If your submissions reached us on or after Friday 14 January then they may not have been seen by the Editor for this edition.


Addison_Nuance is dead
Ariss_shall i compare thee Then Now
Banx_Lateral Flow money
Bennett_Jury trial colston statue acquittal
Bernie_Prince Andrew at downing street party
Birch_RIP Ronnie Spector
Boyce_Wild Swimming
Cluff_Grant rewilding window box
Cluff_djokovic covid australian open
Cordell_bank hold up staff shortages
Dave_Covid patient consultant and tennis player
Dean_sorry not sorry cards
Dredge_downing street party
Drew_nigel tennis mates boat
FIN_elgin marbles alphabet
Fraser_lateral flow jenga
Grizelda_book burning boring burn authors
Herneman_Kipling If flow diagram
Herneman_leotardo da vinci
Jonesy_Long knight
Key_Boris chinese communist party
Keyes_putin annex areas with large russian populations london
Kipper_Boris Johnson leaving party
Len_No party Stripper Cop
McK_PPE limitless win
McLachlan_Heating or eating goldfish
McLachlan_Pooh no honey left in hive overnight
Pilbrow_zoom gallery view
Pyne_picture of my other phone
RGJ_emily in powys
Ross_Boris johnson fabric ant
Ross_vegan pigs heart
Royston_Australia england cricket team refused admission
Shadbolt_Blowing out of all proportion
Shadbolt_cat winter coat
Smith_British Gas logo
Smith_Wilko logo
Thompson_ Nice day Gray
Thompson_Tories ralley round flies
Warner_the green planet
Zoom Rockman_Andrew Sweaty Toffy Pudding
Zoom Rockman_Milk sell by date