Below is the list of cartoons used in the latest edition of Private Eye.

Please note: If your submissions reached us on or after Friday 8 October then they may not have been seen by the Editor for this edition.


Addison_childrens authors unconscious bias training
Addison_rational climate change debate
Bernie_saved on stamp duty
Bernie_still fit into old clothes
Birch_Care Homes bin
Birch_editing Eastenders
Cordell_insulate britain fundamentalists
Dean_R Celly
Dean_throw monet at it
Fran_data irritating fat guy
Grizelda_facebook harmful content
Grizelda_sick of being called a racist
Haldane_cressida dick
Herneman_GP online appointment say ahh
Jonesy_brexit bunny radio interview
Jonsey_tudor house residents assoc
Key_Boris fuck business drunk on cheap labour
Keyes_when i grow up i want to be
Lamb_three witches shortages
Latham_nature human nature
McLachlan_Very green knight
McLachlan_fat sloth
Mellor_Mad Max Corby Road_colour
Mellor_offensive historic tweets
Nevin_Panic Hunter Gatherers
Pilbrow_bond licence to kill pigs
Pyne_Pandora Papers
Shadbolt_Vegan Butcher
TEA_arrivals departures queue
TEA_bouncy castle inflation
Thompson_army ironing
Thompson_policeman halloween costume
Vilnissimo_club sandwich
Ward_shop mannequins on phones
Warner_bins losing count
Warner_the repair shop
Wilbur_High rage economy
Wilbur_twitter disinformation
Zoom Rockman_Police red flags
Zoom Rockman_pig cull