eye crossword
No. 604 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword
1 A word from Trump: "Eff off when the old fellah's around" (7)
5 It offers mental relief from personal problem after lay (7)
10 Eye holder welcomes publicity – "It's got teeth" (8)
11 See 14ac. 12/24 Wally and wife spiking father's piss (4,5)
13 Strict control on Sun and Mail, etc? No one's backing (10)
14/11 Chump almost snapped "Be my crony, 'PM in waiting'" (6,6)
16 Disloyal type, one completely flattened, having dismissed two Republicans (8)
18 Keen to bonk sexy type (3,5)
21 Badly teased, energy gone, May ultimately is "Stable" (6)
23 On that dawn, getting screwed, etc. (3,4,3)
26/2 Eve faced poo spattering – not Trump's kind of bird (4,2,5)
27 Labour's leader: love, hate, uncontrolled hate (6)
28 Lube tits liberally, to provide onscreen help (8)
29 Short time before second wines? (7)
30 NHS bed: stay on yours and don't be stupid (7)

2 See 26ac. 3 Non-PC French supporters: they're hard to stomach (5,4)
4 Holy man just needs to hold tip of prick (5)
6 Randy, ruined by Hello curse, left out (9)
7 Craved by petrol-head dieters? (5)
8 Snub oaf getting erection at bed-time (7)
9 Briefly united, getting head, one on one – bliss! (6)
15 Tony messed with EU aim – "Whatever you want" (3,4,2)
17 Tories oddly placed before publicity factory's routine drudgery (9)
19 Admit Environment Secretary half started with a line that helps opponents (3,4)
20 Carp about being elected, getting wind up? (6)
22 Lower the worth of powerless DUP? Leave off! (7)
24 See 12ac. 25 Maybe King Edward, however, rejected Brenda (5)

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