eye crossword
No. 597 by Cyclops
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 28th April 2017. private eye crossword
7 Represented by Erdogan's utter failure (6)
8 Negotiated raise? Con! – imagined situation (8)
11 Pence left US President's majority right wing in possession of a corporation (5)
12 Bum's position: sense it makes you appreciate what might have been (9)
13 Splayed feet: nasty thing to fall into (6-3)
15 Light American beer pointless (5)
16 Butt to be presented before sex? I can't be arsed (4,2)
18 "Tartan Revolution" – a religious tradition (6)
20 Such are judges' robes, pants? (5)
21 Labour to end this publicity agency deviously recruiting Corbyn's right wing (9)
23 One who fails to get off with Simon about to get back in with Bill (9)
24 Half a month in the nick, cooking Southern-style (5)
26 Luvvie's place – getting Mark between endlessly rumpled sheets (3,5)
27 "America's utter shambles" (staggers off)

1 If one's forced to, one thanks press (2,1,4)
2 Tory grandee ditching leader with initially upturned tongue (4)
3 Trump's on the way to being this Democrat with drugs bank? (6)
4 Mark of a writer: getting Nina's kit off (3,5)
5 Leader of dopey organisation producing round, G bras (5,5)
6 Snitch's 50% bust (6)
9 Tory plonker in 'EU sync' fiasco – MP's responsibility (12)
10 Trump's unsubstantiated claim of mobile money-extracting? (5-7)
14 Office worker grabs one by tits to delay legislation (10)
17 What a pain, getting up wanton market colleague (8)
19 Fit type polished off many G&Ts (7)
20 Hirst's pickled pussy tail irritated (6)
22 Politician extremely good at first? A fine point (6)
25 Old German bag material (4)

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Entries: Send your completed entries via post to Crossword, Private Eye, Carlisle Street, London W1D 3BN or via email here.

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