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No. 541 by Cyclops
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8 Outside flares burst by lethal gas (8)
9 Appearing 'in camera', Piers' foil (6)
10 Mutt with top removed is representative of America? (5)
11 Fund RSB? Mug! (8)
12 They rise in anger, journos, taking article abroad (7)
14 Keen to get an erection, but not hard on time (6)
16/20/7 Was a success, so chased pussy? (4,4,4)
18/27 Archer might well "do a Campbell" over Ray appearing in article (4,1,4)
20 See 16ac. 21 Member kept up by resolute types (6)
23 See 25ac. 25/23 Tory teenager, an atrocious "live" Bobby Kennedy? (8-7)
28 Crap position but it's rent-free (5)
29 Go down, say, on Cliff? (6)
30 Beastly thing that Brenda's said to do: arse-over-tip rush (8)

1 Which has a strong whiff of Conservative stuff that's popular but tasteless (4,6)
2 Lewinsky sex prop and temperature raised – deplorable (6)
3 Not forgetting a spiffing, ace tip from Boris (2,4,2)
4/26 Skimpy top produces boner on public transport (4,4)
5 The old queen needs to stop slipping into underwear (6)
6 Ukip, gutted and marked, to be modernised (8)
7 See 16ac. 13 Put yourself about and ultimately drown in drink (5)
15 Which reveals local goings-on of Virgin permissive type involving Sun (10)
17 Kate's rehabilitation a load of balls – replace manager (8)
19 A doubter and shilly-shallying 'antis' go with Clegg's lead (8)
22 Labour's ultimate joint peeve (6)
24 Servings of bread sticks providing outer layer to large body (6)
26 See 4dn. 27 See 18ac.
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